Sunday, 15 August 2010

Farr Fest '10

Morning dear readers! Today i have the pleasure of unraveling yet another pictorial library. Like a young archeologist opening a ancient roll of parchment, eager and brimming with excitement but ever so delicately.

Last week i had the good fortune to attend Farr Festival. Near stevenage this was a small event hosted by a great school friend of mine.
With numbers not exceeding six hundred or so, this was very much a personal event, a sort of glorified party in a field and if i dare say, reminiscent of early American High School films where it seemed like the done thing for everybody to gather their pick up trucks in a circular formation, in a field, with head lamps highlighting the fact that 'Brad' is just about to down a whole keg of Budweiser.

The fantastically run down Caravan, creaking under the wait of intoxicated young party goers, perched on the edge of the festival and the gratuitous use of hay bails as outdoor furniture, only personified this idea bubbling away in my head.

I have to applaude the 'Farr' family for the tremendous speed in which they organised this event as it was merely a few months ago i first heard the idea arise as a way to raise money for the local vicarage.
What the surrounding parish must have thought of the rowdy crowd that descended upon the small village of Newnam, i do not know but from what i gather, much was raised and the event was a roaring success. Bravo lads and i look forward to next year!

On the more practical side of the actual taking of the pictures i used this opportunity to 'Cross Process' some of my material! Fiddling around with the tone curve in Lightroom CS5, i can produce an aged effect, one me that does not come naturally to the modern day digital camera but one that is evocative of old film cameras.

I have an old Nikon RF10, a fully automatic compact film camera which belonged to my grandfather, it is its defects and poor quality that i like and it is this style that has become so fashionable these days, sparking, which i am sure you have noticed, the rebirth of many lomo cameras like the Diana and the Holga. If i were to suggest anything, if you really want to make this faded romantic effect, invest in an original Medium format camera.

Enjoy the pictures and until next time my fellow bodies, toodle-oo!

More pictures can be found at this link,