Friday, 30 July 2010

Secret Garden Party '10

As predicted i have once again been swept up in a whirl-wind of neon lights, rubber dingy's, merry go rounds and blurred vision.
Yes indeed, as promised i have returned virtually skipping to that fantastic tradition that is the 'great british festival'.
This time it was a rather lengthy, four day excursion, near the town of Huntingdon, at one of Britain's more recent, up and coming festivals, Secret Garden Party.
What i witnessed over the course of the four days i spent amongst this rapturous crowd, was the undeniable ability for the modern man to entertain his or herself and i was simply in awe of the hundreds upon thousands of ways they find to do so.
This is not something that is unique to the modern man, no this is wrong, i am wrong. Man has been finding ways to keep himself amused for years so pondering a bit more on this thought, we can come to the conclusion that i have indeed simply spent the last few days taking part in some ancient ritual, be it Roman, Pagan, Ancient Greek or Inca.
We as a species have been doing this for years and this festival is simply one more piece of glorious evidence that we have become pretty damn good at it.
One can wonder from place to place, through fields of tents, over wobbly bridges, passed mud pits, writhing with intoxicated young gentleman and among all the ridiculous and brilliant people you meet, they all have one thing in common. They are happy, every last one and it is that which makes this festival what it is.
Nobody is there to make a point and look cool, even the cool people, and if they are they look silly. This is a fun loving festival, drawing much inspiration from what i guess the original festivals of the 'good old days' our fathers love to reminisce so much about.
I will say that due to the perpetual grin laden across my face throughout my time there and my eagerness to wear a Lamp Shade on my head, the photo's that follow are by no means my best but as a document recording fond memories and lovely people, they are as good as any others i have produced, enjoy!

p.s. If you like these there are plenty more from this joyfull frenzy of a weekend on the following link.

Monday, 5 July 2010

Firenze (a different view!)

Back from my most recent paddle in the pool of the music lover i took a stride back into the norm, with a photographic description of the more unusual and unseen side of the beautiful city of Florence ('Firenze' for those multi linguists out there)!
I made a huge effort to not return from my trip with simply another library depicting yet more of the usual tourist attractions that one would normally associate with such a place.
Instead i found myself peeking into a more in-depth and slightly grittier side of the city.
After making a few friends i gained access to art studios, sculptures galleries, as well as attending a Florentine football (the Calcio Storico) and was even invited to a few parties.
As a result i found myself with a somewhat eclectic mix of action, abstract and landscapes photographs.
Though Florence was more than an adventure i am finding myself drawn back to the summer music and event scene, like a distant siren luring me to the rocks, so please be ready for yet more images of unruly and unbridled silliness!
Please find more photographs at

Saturday, 3 July 2010

Gottwood Festival 2010

Stepping slightly away from my usual random wandering through various cities and the english country side i vibrantly jumped head first in to the wonderful world of the festival goer!
A new world of vibrant colours and surreal reality awaited me.
Please find the entirety of the weekends pictures at