Monday, 5 July 2010

Firenze (a different view!)

Back from my most recent paddle in the pool of the music lover i took a stride back into the norm, with a photographic description of the more unusual and unseen side of the beautiful city of Florence ('Firenze' for those multi linguists out there)!
I made a huge effort to not return from my trip with simply another library depicting yet more of the usual tourist attractions that one would normally associate with such a place.
Instead i found myself peeking into a more in-depth and slightly grittier side of the city.
After making a few friends i gained access to art studios, sculptures galleries, as well as attending a Florentine football (the Calcio Storico) and was even invited to a few parties.
As a result i found myself with a somewhat eclectic mix of action, abstract and landscapes photographs.
Though Florence was more than an adventure i am finding myself drawn back to the summer music and event scene, like a distant siren luring me to the rocks, so please be ready for yet more images of unruly and unbridled silliness!
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