Wednesday, 22 September 2010

London Fashion Week 2010 & 'Angel Jackson' Afterparty

Over the last few days i have been assigned to one of the years most important dates in the fashionistas calendar, London Fashion Week.

With shows across london from Somerset House to the disused Euro Star Platform at Waterloo it is the fashion world as a whole strutting its well heeled and bejewelled stuff in our humble city.
I must admit given the press and aire of importance given to the event over the years I was mildly unimpressed by what I came across.

It was, as it essentially should be, simply a place where people interested in clothes and such can come together, admire each others work and comment where necessary. In this respect the bitchiness and pompous nature that we have come expect from this industry does not harbour itself in the people who really matter, the designers. It is however very clearly evident in the people who seem to attach and feed off this industry, though genrally better looking and dressed to the nines, these people have more in common with a leech than you would expect.

My feelings aside, as is similar in many warps of life one cannot survive without the other.
During the few days that i attended, i was surprised to find myself peering at stalls and being genuinely impressed with what i had seen, and no this wasn't just in the lingerie section.....though mostly!

The 'Angel Jackson' After party was a huge success with all sorts of weird and, lets not forget, wonderful people. With enough free pink champagne to floor even the hardest of exhibitionists, everybody had a smile on their face. Congratulations are most certainly in order.

Here are a few pictures, and a link to the album in full, enjoy!

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