Friday, 24 September 2010

'The Ruskins' @ Koko (supported by 'The Joker & The Thief')

Its been a while since i strolled down Camden Town, and upon doing so, this fact struck me as a bit of a shame. Its a superb example of Londons ability to accept everything and offer even more.

Hopping off the 253 from Stoke Newington, i bounded into a rather jovial stride down the high street, roughly aimed towards Koko. There was good reason for this positive disposition, as i had heard nothing but good things about both the bands i was due to take pictures of and was glad about the fact that my ears were going to me penetrated with something that wasn't of the electronic genre. Now i must state here, my love for said music knows no bounds but, as with everything, a change from the norm is rather nice occasionally.

First up, 'The Joker & The Thief'. This trio is made up of two old school friends of mine, Justin Gartry (guitar) and Dan Grabiner (vocals, drums and other random pieces of percussion), accompanied by Josh Elliot (Saxophone and accordion), were hands down one of the best live performances i have seen in a long time. Now, i am by no means an aficionado when it comes to this genre of music, or be it any for that matter. However their blend of rock, indie, folk, blues and god knows what else, struck me as original and inspired, especially their rendition of 'All along the watchtower', Bravo lads.
Now We come to the main act of the evening, the band for which i had been summoned to capture in action with my unique skills and ability, I give you 'The Ruskins' ladies and gentlemen.

With a mixture of indie, ska and folk music, they were just the sort of up beat vibe that the crowd were craving for after their tasty starter. Eamon the front man on vocals, with Dave on drums and Ricky on bass (and lets not forget some truly unforgettable MC'ing from Mr Marcus Adams), had the crowd, right from the word go, eating out of his palm. You really got the feeling that the crowd would quite literally jump on que for the man, and they did just that.

With more (stage) invasions than the Roman army the band stood their ground and played on, all i can say is, why these guys aren't signed after all the good press and reviews they have had, i simply do not know!

Have a flick through the flickrr link below for the full album of the nights events and please note the pictures above on this page are in chronological order i.e the first two are of The Joker and The Thief etc.

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