Monday, 20 December 2010

Beyond the Highlands, lies this place.

Better late than never is a term I have uttered on many occasions, although never in a connection with my professional commitments I might add.

But it is now time to utter this phrase in regard to a collection of photographs taken way back in the summer on a brief visit to the Highlands of Scotland. So....better late than never!

In the small town of Nairn I found myself walking along endless beaches, strolling through fields, navigating my way through thorny undergrowth and clambering over ruins of ancient castles.

The castle in question, Rait Castle, is currently the subject of an ongoing debate about the state of its repair and the the possibility of restoration. Obviously I am hugely in favour of preserving and restoring such historical sites as physical bookmarks in time, especially one with such a gruesome, yet fascinating story behind it concerning rival clans, a disloyal daughter and relentless bloodshed.

More information on the current situation of rait castle, facts about its ancient architecture and a more in-depth account of the ghosts that haunt the place, visit

Aside from these tombstones to once great architecture there are many more wonders are to behold. Beauty does not present itself in the guise of sunny beaches and glamour, but has more of an autumnal and sensible nature about it.

I find myself actually enjoying the cold bite of the wind, the powerful rolling grey clouds and pride myself in doing so. It feels right. It feels very British.

Unfortunately the visual complexity of some of these photographs does not lend itself too well to the small format of the blog. Apologies for this. You may find it easier to view them via the flickr link below.

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