Wednesday, 22 December 2010

It's where it goes so wrong, that it can go so right.

Rifling through some draws back home, I came across a masterpiece of photographic history, a Nikon RF10.

This fully plastic, fully automatic camera, once belonged to my grandfather and has not been touched in years. With this in mind, i blew away the cob webs and set about reliving its formative years

Even in its hay day the RF10 was nothing special. Developed for the masses in the early 90's, it was for those who wanted no frills.

With a fixed focal length of f/4.5 and a similarly immovable 34mm lens, its just a case of picking it up and pressing the button.

As is always the case of these things, it is their imperfections that grow on us with age, we develop a sympathy for the unloved.

The grain on the film is clearly evident in every shot and with its fully automatic nature the tendency to reach inside ones pocket and snap away at any given moment means some fantastic and unplanned shots.

A few nights out with this baby and I'm hooked on it.

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