Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Blow Pop - Blue Mountain re-launch!

The last few days of January saw Bristol's music loving community give the finger to what ever detox they may or may have not have endured in this new years first few weeks for an evening that I shall certainly not be forgetting in a hurry.

Blop Pop took the bull by the horns and kicked open the long sealed doors of Blue Mountain for the first time in many years, ushering its eager crowd to the feet of such big name DJ's as Evil Nine, Zombie Disco Squad, A-Skills, and JFB as well Blow Pop residents, Bristols finest, Real Nice, SWAY 2, Stereo 8 and Steve Redux.

I have done my fair share of club night photography and would never really validate it by putting it on my blog or even look to publish it further than facebook but this was no ordinary event, they were no ordinary DJ's and for me these are no ordinary pictures.

If your ever in Bristol i urge you to look up Blow Pop, see what they are doing and join in. Every time they so much as go near a sound system the roof is raised, they are pant wettingly good....i speak from experience!

I'm always on hand to take event snaps like these so if your indeed of someone with an itchy trigger finger to mingle at an occasion of yours, get in touch!

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