Monday, 28 February 2011


For this posting, I find myself back in West Londons boutique heart.

The Jezebel Loft parties are a 5minute ride on your single speed from the heart of Londons well known Notting Hill, so close to Ladbroke Grove you would have barely finished making your roll up and a quick jog with your hood up, down Harrow Rd from the pleasant surroundings of Kensal Rise and Queens park.
With such affluent suroundings it is no wonder the Jezebel parties are what they are, and that is a bloody good laugh.

Moseying along with Roo Kendal to help with the photography for the evening, I had to pinch myself every now and again to keep my mind focused at the task at hand. Through no fault of my own you understand, the somewhat raucous atmosphere with its party goers wearing facial expressions of gay abandon, a stronger man than I would loose concentration.

It is easy with such parties for the atmosphere to be pompous and unfriendly having have found it as such within similar settings in the past, though on this night there was a distinct air of a friendly nature.

The passing crowds are more than happy to stop in front of a que of 20 or so people down a corridor to 1. have their picture taken upon seeing the camera. 2. have a wee chat and 3. offer me with a sip of their drink if not a whole one from the bar.

The majority of the evenings shots were take from inside our own little studio. With a people bursting through the doors all night, we had no shortage of models, some shy and hesitant to take the lime light and others who simply couldn't get enough.
All in all a thoroughly enjoyable evening.

A massive thank you to all those involved in the organisation of the event and another big thanks and accreditation to Roo Kendal and Zoe Hitchen for the evenings photography.

-If you have any problems with the above pictures please do no hesitate get in touch. My information can be found to the right hand side.

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